Pinyon Pines Triple Murder Suspects in Court

(FOX11 /CNS) Two men accused in the 2006 killings of three people in Pinyon Pines, including the ex girlfriend of one of the defendants, appeared in court in Indio today, although proceedings for both were delayed.

Cristin Conrad Smith and Robert Lars Pape, both 25, were arrested last Tuesday in connection with the deaths of Vicki Friedli, 53, her boyfriend Jon Hayward, 55, and Friedli 18 year old daughter Becky. The three were killed Sept. 17, 2006, at their home on Alpine Drive.

Smith pleaded not guilty to the charges in Riverside "Oxandrolone Powder India" on Wednesday, but Pape arraignment was rescheduled to today, the same day Smith had a Deca Durabolin Jak Brac felony settlement conference. Pape arraignment was postponed to April 16, and Smith is due back in court on March 25. The murder counts against Vicki Friedli and Jon Hayward carry with them special circumstance allegations because firearms were used in the deaths. That makes them eligible for the death penalty. The circumstances surrounding the death of Becky Friedli are not clear. When found she was on fire burning Boldenone Price in a wheel barrow.

During today appearance Cristin Smith pleaded guilty to the charges. Robert Pape, Becky Friedli ex boyfriend, did not enter a plea. His arraignment was continued to March 18th.

Both men are being held without bail.

There have been two arrests in a seven year old unsolved triple murder in Pinyon Pines.

18 year old Becky Friedli , her mom, and her mom boyfriend were all shot and killed and their house was then set on fire back in 2006.

Riverside County Sheriff deputies have arrested Becky former boyfriend Robert Pape and one of Pape friends, Christian Smith.

This case had gone cold , but a team of former detectives stayed with it and built a case against the two suspects.

To recap, Becky Friedli was murdered along with her mother and mother boyfriend on Sept 17, 2006. Becky body was found burned beyond recognition posed in a wheel barrel in front of the family home. Becky, 18, was in all probability the target of the murderer (or murderers) Dianabol Atlas-Dom with her mother and boyfriend as collateral damage.

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The night before the murder, a former boyfriend and a friend of his had an argument with Becky at Denny in Palm Desert, California, where she worked as a waitress. She got off work at

7pm so the argument occurred prior. From what is known the altercation was so intense that it resulted in the friend and former boyfriend being ejected from Denny Then of course there was the close friend who picked Becky up from her house at 8 pm (an hour after she got off work at Denny That close friend appeared to be the last person to see Becky alive He dropped her back at her house sometime before 1am the next day. There is some reason to believe that law enforcement was thinking of offering the close friend immunity. That might mean he could provide evidence against someone else involved in the murder

What did he see when he dropped Becky at her house? Were the killers lying in wait? Did he see them? If so why not call police? Anyway this all took place in 2006 and still remains unsolved. What is the missing link?

It appears that there were two sets of fresh shoe prints found near the charred body of Becky Friedli. Then there is some evidence that the DNA on a business card also found close to Becky body matched that of a person claiming that they had never been to Becky house. This raises questions, of course. A defense attorney would say this does not really prove anything. Still at least it is worth speculating that one of the sets of shoe prints might have belonged to the person whose DNA was found on the card.

Let us not forget that Becky had an altercation the night before the murder with a former boyfriend as a friend of his stood by. Could the shoe prints be those of these two people? Possibly, but as of now there may not be enough proof to make a connection. Besides detectives did not seem to be aware of the significance of the Denny argument until sometime in 2013 when pro bono PI Luis Bolanos brought it to their attention. The chances of proving a relationship between the shoe prints and the people involved in the Denny confrontation probably would be difficult at this late "4 Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Side Effects" date. Tickling the wire might have yielded evidence to prove that relationship but unfortunately I suspect law enforcement could not get a wiretap anywhere close to the time of the murder because further investigation was needed to justify it. Investigation such as effectively interviewing the Denny employees where Becky worked.

To be continued. If you have any information, please call 855 44 BECKY.

From Hal Eisner:

Ron Friedli is "very very happy" after two arrests were made Tuesday in the death of his 18 year old daughter Becky Friedli, his 53 year old ex wife Vicki and her 55 year old boyfriend Jon Hayward. Ever since their deaths he has never given up hope on finding the murderers. And, now arrests.

Arrested on a "no bail" warrant were Becky ex boyfriend Robert Pape and their friend Christin Smith.

The triple murder dates back to September 2006 when it believed two men entered the Friedli home in the mountain community of Pinyon Pines shot Vicki and Jon and killed Becky. The circumstances of Becky death are not completely clear, but her body was found on fire inside of a wheelbarrow in front of the home.

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